Roger McCann II


ADDRESS: 10671 Courthouse Rd. Fredericksburg, VA 22407


After many years of being self employed in residential home improvements, and working for many real estate agents along the way, I realized there was a real need for an agent that actually knows houses, top to bottom, inside and out. As a hands on Class A contractor I have worked in every field of home repair and remodeling and have been able to identify strengths and weaknesses of most houses. The knowledge I gained repairing houses also led me to start performing home inspections for several years until I was able to get my license in real estate. If your selling a house I can help you get it ready to list and not just tell you what you should do to list it. If your buying a house I can identify quality or poor workmanship and I can date roofs, hvac systems, water heaters, windows, and doors on a house. This will give you all the information you need without worrying about what a home inspector might find so you can be confident when you make an offer. Now its time for you to call me and let all of my knowledge about houses work for you!

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